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Saveta Dubak Tomović

The Inspiration Behind “The Balkan Voyage”: A Children’s Book Series

As the founder of our charity, I’ve always had a passion for making a difference in the lives of children. It’s this commitment that led me to write “The Balkan Voyage,” a children’s book series aimed at celebrating the rich culture and diversity of the Western Balkans while supporting our charitable endeavors.

One striking observation that spurred me to action was the absence of literature featuring diverse friendships from the Western Balkans. Despite our shared heritage, language, and culture, there was a notable lack of representation in children’s literature. This realization saddened me, but it also ignited a determination to fill that gap.

“The Balkan Voyage” introduces readers to four friends, each representing a different region of the Western Balkans. While not a perfect representation, these characters serve as ambassadors, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of their respective homelands.

The series begins with a journey to Belgrade, a city close to my heart and a place where the idea of our charity was born. The story unfolds on a playground, a symbol of our charity’s future goal to provide safe spaces for children to play and thrive.


For those interested, paperback copies of the book are available for purchase within the USA, with shipping limited to this region for now. 

Swiss supporters can also get involved by reaching out to us via Instagram DM to place an order before May 25th. We’re arranging a one-time shipment to Switzerland to accommodate our Swiss community.

Soon, we will publish our books on different third-party platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, making them accessible internationally.

Every purchase of “The Balkan Voyage” contributes directly to our charity’s mission, as 100% of profits go towards supporting children in need. Your support not only enriches the lives of young readers but also helps us build a brighter future for children across the Western Balkans.

Thank you for embarking on this voyage with us. Together, we’re making a difference, one story at a time.

To purchase the book, click here




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