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About Us

What we are about

We are a non-governmental, humanitarian and non-profit organization established to raise money and provide funding for local charities and projects in the Western Balkan countries focused on removing the obstacles that vulnerable children are facing.


To aid orphanages and associations that support children and young people with disabilities and socio-economically vulnerable kids from disadvantaged neighborhoods – is a privilege for us.​​ We focus on contribution and financial support to child-centered organizations that provide a long-term structured support system, a family-based type of care, and a safe place where every child can dream, aspire and achieve.

Who we are

We are a small group of people with a big goal – to raise enough money to fund organizations that directly support children and young people across the Balkans. Deeply connected to our Balkan roots (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia) we believe that the future of our region depends on its youth. Investing in children means investing in the Balkans’ future.

Nurturing close ties with our homeland we are aware that, despite significant achievements, much remains to be done in the child protection system in the Western Balkans. We have our hearts set on helping raise the quality of life of children affected by poverty and social exclusion. We want to contribute to those who need us most.

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How we work

  • We work closely with orphanages and youth associations so we can understand the needs of their young beneficiaries.
  • To ensure the money we raise goes to supporting the young affected by a range of disadvantages – we partner with non-profits that make it their mission to reach the underprivileged amongst us.
  • After the research and initial funding, we set our annual plan of support.
  • We want to provide long-term continuous support to struggling organizations, as we understand the children‘s need for consistency.
  • We are committed to transparency. We will regularly provide updates so you’ll always know where your donation goes.
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Our Vision

We value diversity, compassion, solidarity, partnership & community.

Our goal is to provide concrete long-term support to local organizations that work tirelessly on improving the lives of their young beneficiaries regardless of their ethnic, political, and religious affiliation. Our mission is to unite people who want to make a difference in the lives of children who need it most. Our vision is a world where every child has the best start in life and the opportunities to unlock and reach their full potential.

Although the Balkan countries adopted national strategies and action plans for caring for and protecting vulnerable children, many kids still face considerable hardships and disadvantages. That is why we want to join together with local charities and non-profits that have developed community-based support programs for children in need. Offering a welcoming, safe, and family-like environment to orphans and youth living in the streets is a beautiful way to ensure safety & protection, guidance, and emotional stability these kids need.

Community centers provide not only regular meals, clean clothes, and footwear, but also different creative, cultural, and sports activities. Loving caregivers create a stimulating preschool environment and help young people receive education, skills, and positive experiences with the lasting benefits on their social adjustment and contribution to the community. Our ambition is to provide financial support to youth organizations that give children quality preschool care and enhance their social and educational opportunities later on. Empowering young adults to develop life skills needed for achieving independence and economic well-being is the best route out of poverty and inequality. We aim to provide continuous support to associations that deliver adapted services, activities, and assistance to children and youth with developmental disabilities. To carry out support for specific projects and programs that help the development and integration of young people with disabilities in society – we need your help. These orphanages and associations are usually underfunded, but with support from people like you, we can help these children get a stable place to grow, learn and have fun.