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8. Donation to the Shelter for children and young people of Novi Sad

Donation Value: 440 USD

Date: 25.01.2023 - 25.01.2023

Objectives: Donating essential diapers and hygiene products to the Shelter for children and young people of Novi Sad.

Saveta Dubak

The shelter for children and young people involved in living and/or working on the streets in Novi Sad started operating on February 23, 2010. 

The shelter for children and young people bases its work methodology on the principles of voluntariness, participation and designing the service so that it meets the needs and interests of the users. Most of the beneficiaries come from families living in conditions of absolute poverty and social exclusion. The users of the Shelter are those children and young people who are in the following situations: 1) sleeping on the street; 2) they find food in buckets; 3) collecting secondary raw materials; 4) millet; 5) selling goods on the market/street; 6) sale of sexual services; 7) belong to extremely poor families; Users are between the ages of 5 and 19.

For this reason, the Charity for Balkan Children has made a second donation of essential resources, including laundry detergents, fabric softeners, baths, as well as baby diapers.
You can find additional information about our initial donation here

The recent donation brought immense joy, especially since the number of young mothers with small children in need is rising. The institution requires disposable diapers for children (“Pampers” or similar), as well as children’s cosmetics, baths, and shampoos. Additionally, they are constantly in need of high-quality laundry detergent and fabric softeners to keep up with the frequent laundry washing for their users.

During our conversation, we discovered that the institution had over 7,000 users last year, averaging almost 20 people a day. This is a significant number for a relatively small space. At the institution, users can enjoy a hot meal, bathe, receive clean clothes and shoes, and spend a few hours in a safe and warm environment. The food served is donated by the Central Kitchen of Novi Sad kindergartens, ensuring high quality and variety. The institution also has its own classroom where they organize a school for users who haven’t completed their education.

Currently, the institution is contemplating a new project aimed at working with the primary families of children and young people who are users. This is because they mostly come from dysfunctional and low-income families with many issues.

We would like to express our gratitude to Nikola J. for his invaluable support and coordination in making this donation possible.

Our promise to you, our donors:
 We are publishing all documents and pictures below to demonstrate our commitment to transparency.

Donation Acknowledgment receipt
– signed by the Coordinator Nikola Jovanović
Confirmation of receiving goods – Novi Sad

Račun – donacija, Novi Sad

Total Donation – : 46.443,12 RSD = 395,70 EUR

Fuel & Toll
Putarina, Novi Sad i Veternik
Račun – gorivo, Novi Sad i Veternik

Fuel 2.260,00 RSD = 19,30 EUR
Paid Toll 12.594,13 RSD = 107,30 EUR

Exact Value of 50.524,75 RSD = 523,30 EUR (incl. Delivery / Shipping cost)

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