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4. Donation to the Shelter for Children and Youth of the City of Novi Sad, Serbia

Donation Value: 673 USD

Date: 29.04.2022 - 29.04.2022

Objectives: Providing hygiene products, diapers, and sweets for "Shelter for children and youth of the city of Novi Sad" Republic of Serbia

Irena S.

Our aim was to provide the Shelter beneficiaries in Novi Sad, Serbia with the necessary resources, such as laundry detergents, fabric softeners, baths, but also baby diapers, as well as sweets.

About the Shelter for Children and Youth

Shelter for children and youth involved in living and/or working on the streets in Novi Sad started operating on February 23, 2010. The Shelter for children and youth is a daily social protection service. It is based on direct work with users and meeting their basic needs. Beneficiaries go through life skills learning programs, participate in workshops, and are provided with psycho-social support, learning support, mediation between institutions, basic medical interventions, and socialization.

The shelter for children and young people is a safe place for children – an hour more in the shelter is an hour less on the street. The Shelter for children and young people bases its work methodology on the principles of voluntariness, participation, and designing the service so that it meets the needs and interests of the users. Most beneficiaries come from families living in conditions of absolute poverty and social exclusion. Shelter users are children and youth in these circumstances:

  • homeless;

  • those scavenging dumpsters for food;

  • trash / recyclables collectors;

  • beggars;

  • street/flea market merchants;

  • street-based sex workers;

  • from an extremely poor family.

Users are aged between 5 and 19 years.


About the Donation

We received the information from the Coordinator, Mr. Nikola Jovanović, that at the moment, the employees of the Shelter have the greatest need for detergents, fabric softeners, and diapers for babies. We also added baths and sweets.

A list of products from them included the following products:

  • 22 x 9kg detergent “Duel”

  • 12 x 5l softener “Lenor”

  • 12 x 0.4l baths for babies and small children “Becutan”

  • 6 x 0.5l baths for adults “Nivea”

  • 8 x large pack of “Pampers” diapers number 3, 4 and 5

  • croissants

  • “Plasma” biscuits

  • Chocolate bananas.

Thank you

We thank the Coordinator of the Shelter for Children and Youth Mr. Nikola Jovanović for his cooperation and for all his effort to keep this Shelter the way it is.

We also enjoyed the meeting with the Educator Ms. Vanja Borojević, as well as the lady who was the housekeeper at the Shelter that day. Their hospitality and kindness were truly exceptional.

Our promise to you, our donors: We are publishing all documents and pictures below to demonstrate our commitment to transparency.

Donation Acknowledgment receipt
– signed by the Educator Ms. Vanja Borojevic
Click here to see the Donation Acknowledgement receipt


  • Value of laundry detergent 20,459.78 RSD

  • Value of fabric softener 9,359.88 RSD

  • Value of baths for babies and children 4,976.82 RSD

  • Value of baby diapers 21,599.92 RSD

  • Value of sweets 4,649.15 RSD

  • Value of packaging and transport 13,963.45 RSD

Click here to see all the receipts (1)
Click here to see all the receipts (2)

Exact Value of Donation 75,000 RSD (incl. Delivery / Shipping cost)

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