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3. Donation to the Safe House, Local Democracy Foundation in Sarajevo BiH

Donation Value: 600 USD

Date: 27.12.2021 - 27.12.2021

Objectives: Providing 23 New Years' packages of Sweets & toys to «Safehouse, Local Democracy Foundation» Children in Sarajevo, BiH.

Saveta Dubak

Our aim was to provide the Safehouse beneficiaries in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina with New Years Packages for all Children who came with their mothers to the institute.

About the Safehouse, Local Democracy foundation

The Foundation for Local Democracy is a local non-governmental organization that was founded in 1996. The vision of the Local Democracy Foundation is to create a society of equal opportunities. Protection, promotion and promotion of human rights of marginalized groups in BiH is their mission. The primary focus of the organization’s work is in the field of protection and promotion of human rights of victims of gender-based violence.

By improving the legal framework, social, economic and educational programs, we empower women in BiH to actively participate in the transformation of BiH society, in which they will have an equal role in public and private life.

About the Donation

We received the information that at the moment there were Children of different age groups, so we tried to choose the gifts according to their age.

5 Girls Teenage (14-17 years)
7 Girls (1 Month – 9 years)
10 boys (5 months – 16 Years)
= Total 22 Packages

A list of products from them, which included the following products:

  • 17 chocolate Kinder with a New Year’s picture

  • 22 chocolates Best wishes

  • 17 bags of candy

  • 17 bags of peanut flips Smoki

  • 17 croissants 7 days

  • Toys (dolls, Basketball basket, Cars)

  • Beauty products (for Teenage girls)

Thank you

Without our Coordinator I.S. we couldn’t make it. She delivered all the packages by herself from Serbia on the 27th of December 2021. Thank you for helping to coordinate, organizing and deliver the packages.

We also enjoyed the meeting of the Safehouse Manager Mubera Hodžić-Lemeš and thank her for all her effort to keep this institute the way it is.

Least but not last want to thank the donors Ranko R., Viktoryia N., Alexis D., Lola D, Miroslav D., Tijana T., Alen B.

Our promise to you, our donors: We are publishing all documents and pictures below to demonstrate our commitment to transparency.

Donation Acknowledgement receipt
– signed by the Manager Mubera Hodžić-Lemeš
Click here to see the Donation Acknowledgement receipt


  • Value of Sweets 24.215 RSD

  • Value of Toys 20.628 RSD

  • Value of Beauty Products 13.969 RSD

  • Value of Packing 3.018 RSD

Click here to see all the receipts (1)

Click here to see all the receipts (2)

Exact Value of Donation 61.830 RSD (excl. Delivery/Shipping cost)

Social Media Post from the Safe House
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